Vacuum forming is a powerful tool for product designers and industrial engineers. The FormBox can help you reduce your lead time on parts, save money and speed up your development cycle.

See how we have created the perfect Freefire Mask prototype with our 3D printer and the Mayku FormBox.
1.  Designing
we have designed our mask template in CAD Package


‍One of the biggest waits in developing the design of any product is the time it takes from sketching to holding a physical thing in your hands. When development is out of your control (such as production in a factory) the prototype can come back numerous times needing alterations, which is a slow and vicious cycle.

we have used formbox to multiply our designs in seconds. A design is changed, tweaked, and stretched a hundred times before it is thought of as perfect. And perfection takes time. 3D printers have expanded our abilities, making it easier than ever to build our own things, using the Mayku FormBox, we are able to make a 150 customised masks for promotions in just 5 days. Vacuum forming the shape with the Mayku FormBox, we created a smooth surface and a factory-level finish, right from our studio.

‍4.Final Product

“The Mayku FormBox gave us the freedom to try out new ideas on the fly and test out shapes without having to wait for a factory to send us prototypes.”

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