Wanhao Duplicator 7 DLP Water Washable Resin 250ml Grey


Material properties of this Wanhao resin:
  • Can be cleaned and washed with water
  • Polymerized by UV light of a wavelength of 405 nm
  • High-energy UV light source used to cure DLP and UV LED resin
  • Fast polymerization process due to optimized resin
  • Designed for use on Wanhao DLP and UV LED 3D printers

This resin can be processed on almost all DLP and UV LED 3D printers. However, it is optimized for use on Wanhaos DLP and UV LED 3D printers.

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Wanhao 3D printer UV-DLP resin

Low cost water washable Wanhao UV-DLP resin is particularly suitable for processing on your DLP and UV LED 3D printer. Both 3D printing technologies work with UV light sources. These polymerize (solidify the resin by chemical reaction) the liquid resin by the action of UV light with a wavelength of 405 nanometers. The high-energy UV light starts the photopolymerization of the liquid material. The polymerization causes the resin to change its state from liquid to solid. This process is repeated layer by layer until your component is 3D printed completely.



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