Selfie360 3D Pen Consumable kit – Mediator Kit


Quality Assurance : Comes with 10 colors ( Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Golden Brown, Green, Orange, Grey, Purple, Silver), 100% bubble free and Environmental friendly non toxic material.
PLA extact from corn.
It is degradable and environmental protection.
The material is very hard.
The surface is bright and smooth.
Smell Less and not curly.
Not warped when printing print temperature :200-240℃.
Various colors are available for selection.
Stencil : 5 Various type Drawing stencil

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This pen replaces ink with plastic which melts at a high temperature
to create a 3d object instead of just an idea on paper
lightweight, a slim design, easy to handle, meet the needs for
children, students and adults

Material: PLA
Color: 5 random color
Diameter: 1. 75mm
Stencil : 3


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