Envision 3SP Family — Scan, Spin And Selectively Photocure

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We’ve got you covered with our 3SP technology, which uses a UV laser to rapidly scan, spin and selectively photocure a wide variety of resins into large, durable parts up to 5800 cubic inches.

Our family of 3SP printers are for serious manufacturing use. You do not need to sacrifice accuracy or surface finish to make big 3D objects with 3SP technology. And, no, 3SP is not the same as SLA. It’s a completely unique approach to 3D printing objects quickly and accurately that is proprietary to EnvisionTEC.

A true industrial 3D printer, our 3SP line is equally at home on a factory floor as it is in a machine shop, hospital, or laboratory. Our 3SP printers can build a wide range of manufacturing objects, from functional gears, valves and pumps to fasteners, jigs, fixtures or end effectors. But it’s also being used for mass customized production in the dental industry, where our printers are known for accuracy and an unparalleled smooth surface finish that minimizes post-processing. Did we mention it can also 3D print tooling for thermoplastic injection molding?


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