Our Story

There was a time when your imagination was usually on a leash, straining against it, but constrained by technology… no more. With 3D printing, your imagination is literally unleashed. From now on, what you can see in your mind, a 3D printer can put in your sight. Whatever be the size, however complex the design, the only constraint now is your creativity. So, what are you waiting for?

And Since 2015, when it comes to 3D printing in India, there’s one name that you can count on, and that’s iThink3DP. We are obsessed with bringing your creative ideas to life. Be it as small and simple as your uniquely designed guitar pick, or a larger than life celebrity replica for a promotion campaign, there’s no challenge that we are not up to, as long as it can help you to take your imagination and transform it into reality.

That is why thousands of our customers around the country, trust us to help them 3Dfi their thoughts. And whether you are looking for a one-off project or a ready-to-flow setup at your site, we will make it happen faster, better, and cost-effectively. So, call us today and you too will start to say, iThink3DP.

why choose us

We at ithink3dp strive to be your reliable 3D Printing partner and not just a supplier. We provide honest advice on our products which assist you in correct decision making and gain maximum return on your investment.

We sell all types of 3D printers and raw materials and also offer 3D printing, scanning and designing services. We regularly conduct workshops and trainings on 3D printing technology to boost its awareness in India. We also create architecture/ industrial miniature models and assist schools in setting-up 3D Printing labs.

We also have a committed support staff that provides robust after-sales service. They are equipped with necessary training and resources to provide seamless support to our customers.

Our Management

Have you seen the movie, ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’? It’s an entertaining mix of drama, madness, escapism, and fantasy. We love the movie and believe that if it were to be remade today and the three of them were to be entrepreneurs, they would start something along the lines of ithink3dp… You disagree? Let’s draw parallels, we’ll start with our first names: Alok, Ankit, Aman… you see where this is headed? 😊

And now that we have ticked off our dream of having an unconventional start to our team introductions… let us tell you a bit more about the boss, the brains, and the brawns behind ithink3dp, in no particular order, mind it!

A track record of 20+ years as a successful businessman
Loves to meet up with new people on an everyday basis
Owner of two other successful companies
Keenly supports various charitable trusts &organizations
Alok Goenka, Founder Director – (alokgoenka@3dprintworld.co.in)