Miniature Models

Architecture is perhaps the one field where both aesthetics and functionality are more or less of equal importance, and one where the client will be spending vast sums of money and would need constant reassurance on the direction of the designs. And so, models are inevitable and is one of the first skills that students of architecture have to learn and apply, helping to take the thoughts from 2D to 3D.

Conventionally, the models were made from cardboard, wood, and other materials, that focused more on the visual understanding. With advancing technologies, it became possible to create virtual 3D models that also help to test functionality. It is however with 3D printing that it is now possible to not just rapidly take designs to scaled 3D models but also get faster and more accurate reviews from clients, team, partners, and experts. This helps to communicate the vision better, and saves time plus effort, which results in shortened project timelines and lesser costs.

Be it a concept, a structure or a township, with 3D printing, there is no limitation on the size, shape or detailing. And we can even add colours, so that your creations can become as life-like as you want them to be.

Whether you are an architect or a school of architecture, we have a solution that is customized for your need. Get in touch with us.