3D Scanning

What if you want to replicate a part or product that is physically with you? Creating a mould would be very expensive and would need very accurate measurements, not to say the time needed. And what if it is a precision product that needs careful handling?

So, what we need is non-invasive, fast, accurate… hmm!

And that is where 3D scanning comes in. In this process a physical object or environment is analysed digitally to collect data on its shape, using which a 3D representation can be constructed digitally and even printed.

The technology has applications amongst nearly every industry today, including automotive, aeronautics, construction, product design, entertainment, reverse engineering, real estate, medical, luxury, etc.

At ithink3dp, we scan objects of any shape, size, and complexity using photogrammetry 3D scanning, which involves analysing several photographs of the object that have been taken from different viewpoints. The process is extremely fast, very accurate, and needs no contact with the object.

Does sound like science fiction, does it not? To see this state-of-the-art technology in action, get in touch with us on sales@ithink3dp.com and we will be delighted to give you a no-obligation demonstration.